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Gourmet Magazine - Feb 08

Comfort foods of winter
From Mac n Cheese to chocolate pudding
Gourmet the Magazine of Good living
Cooking secrets
How to make meatloaf magical
6 faboluos fruit desserts
The quickest way to cook chicken
A master's surprising chocolate cake tricks
the best waffles and pancakes

Grilled Cheese with onion, jam, taleggio and escarole
Mary Hearty Bye's Scottish scones
Apricot spread
Wild-mushroom macaroni and cheese
Bweefy onion soup
Double chocolate pudding parfait
Roasted halibut with garlic sauce
Banh mi /vietnamese chicken sandwich)
Chunky potato sopu with dill
Thai - style beef with noodles
Cauliflower and feta omelet
Lamb chops with sun-dried tomato butter
Quinoa cakes with eggplant-tomate ragú and smoked mozzarella
Roasted cod with shitakes in miso broth
Orecchiette with pancetta and broccoli
Chicken and parsnip fries with spice vinegar
Smoked pork chop with cherry tomatoes and white beans
Lobster with garlic butter
Shrimps charmoula
Algerian Flatbread
Chicken tagine with apricots and spiced pine nuts
Braised turnips with poppy seed bread crumbs
Fennel and carrot slaw with olive dressing
Orange scented beignets
Mint tea
clementines in ginger syrup
Carrots and brussels sprouts
Scalloped potatows
Green salad
Banana chocolate walnut cake
Orange tapioca pudding
Prunes in wine with toasted almond cookies
Toasted almond cookies
Pear maple Johnnycake
Pineapple galette
apple cobbler
Chocolate meringue mousse cake
Scallops with onion puree, pink grapefruit and prosecco butter
Caviar and salmon blini
Devil dog cake
Rice waffles
Cardamon Sour-cream waffles
Orange chocholate pancakes
Whole wheat oatmeal pancakes
Gourmet Magazine - Feb 08
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